This documentary on the history of our union includes great photos of the 1904 World’s Fair and the building of the Gateway Arch! Click on the title to open the article in a new page and then go full screen on the Youtube frame (lower right) - the video is in high Definition!!

Late IBEW Local 1 Business Manager Gregory W Booth initiated a promotional campaign to reinvigorate member pride after years of economic recession and massive unemployment. We thank our members for believing in and supporting Brother Booth's vision for our union!
Thank you to all the members of IBEW Local 1, Spot Creative Media (IBEW), IBEW Local 4 members at KSDK, Clint Hasse (AFTRA), Producer Julie Winkle, Host Angie Weidinger, Arteaga Photography, Majestic Photography (IBEW), and Mark Brueggenjohann of the international office of the IBEW.