Chauvin Coffee supports the Building Trades!

October 16, 2014

Mr. Jeffrey P. Aboussie
Executive Secretary-Treasurer
Building and Construction Trades Council
2300 Hampton Avenue, Suite B
Saint Louis, Missouri 63139
Fax: (314) 647-0631

Dear Jeff:

I am pleased to inform the Saint Louis Building and Construction Trades that Chauvin Coffee Company of Saint Louis has signed a letter of intent with IBEW, Local No. 1 for our Local Union’s Coffee Service (copy of letter enclosed). This letter of intent was prompted by the discovery that Reinhold Electric is the Company of choice for all electrical work at O’Connor/Ronnoco Coffee’s main plant on South Boyle Avenue. O’Connor/Ronnoco Coffee was content with having Reinhold Electric remain as their electrical contractor so our hand was forced to find another coffee service.

In this pursuit, Local No. 1 Business Representative Dave Roth met with the Chauvin Coffee’s Administration. Chauvin Coffee is in its fourth generation with number five getting ready to come on board and continue their tradition of coffee roasting in Saint Louis, Missouri which began in 1930. We have adopted Chauvin Coffee as our new “go to” Coffee Company and encourage you to do the same if you currently are using O’Connor/Ronnoco Coffee. Their Company representative Jim Ojile has agreed to sign a letter of intent for any Local Union of the Saint Louis Building Trades that commits to Chauvin Coffee’s available services.

If you are interested in contacting Chauvin Coffee, their information is as follows:

Chauvin Coffee Company, Bonnie Charleville, President
4160 Meramec Street
Saint Louis, MO 63116
Phone: (314) 772-0700 / Fax: (314) 772-0722
Field Representative: Jim Ojile – (314) 517-2985

Thank you for your time and consideration to the supporting businesses of our Building Trades Family.


Frank D. Jacobs
Business Manager
IBEW, Local No. 1