Calling all anglers - 3rd Annual Bass Tournament!


3rd Annual Bass Tournament

We are pleased to announce that a date has been selected for the 3rd Annual IBEW, Local No. 1 Bass Tournament. This year's tournament will be held on April 13th Cash Prizesat Rock Harbor Resort on the Lake of the Ozarks (map link).  Last year 74 anglers joined the fun and we hope to exceed that number this year - remember, all proceeds go to the IBEW Local 1 Relief Committee for member families in need. Cash prizes will be based on the number of boats entered and there will also be a Big Bass Jackpot ($10.00 per boat with 100% payback: 70% will go to whomever catches the biggest bass and 30% will to to the second biggest bass! For more information download the rules and entry form) A special thanks to this Lee Asher, Ken Landwehr, Troy Weidemann, Alan Weidemann (Troy's son),  Paul Reinheimer, Rob Dussold, Jeff Witt, and Christine Witt (Jeff's daughter), and Rhonda Heisserer for their hard work on the tournamet!

 The tournament runs from 7 am to 3 pm - here is the breakdown!




1.Rules:  The following rules for the tournament will be used.  These rules will be interpreted solely by the Tournament Committee and all decisions are final.  The committee reserves the right to reject any entry.

2.Tournament Committee:  The tournament committee shall consist of IBEW members appointed by the President of Local One, IBEW.

3.Eligibility:  All individuals who have paid the appropriate entry fee. Individuals under the age of 18 are requested to have a consent form from parent or guardian.  Each entry must include at least one active or retired member of Local One, IBEW.  Two people per boat no exceptions. Sorry, professional guides or anyone who has earned or won $2,000.00 or more in this year may not enter.

4.Safety Conservation:  Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed.  Life jackets must be worn during the takeoff.  Kill switches are recommended.  All Missouri Department of Conservation laws and regulations shall apply.  An agent of the Missouri Department of Conservation may be present at departure and weigh-in.

5.Entry Fee:  $100.00 per boat.  Entries will be accepted by mail only.  We reserve the right to assign flights and hours, if necessary.  Departures will be in the order requests are received. 

6.Headquarters-Time and Date:  Must Check-in at headquarters, Rock Harbor Resort, 5:00pm to 9:00pm Friday; 6:00am to 7:00am Saturday, to let us know you are present.

7.Tackle and Equipment:  Only artificial bait or lures may be used.  Pork-style baits are allowed.  No trolling.  All bass must be caught on rod and reel.

8.Boats and Motors:  Any boat 14 feet or larger will be accepted if powered by an engine of 10 horsepower or more.  Boat may not be trailered during the tournament.  All Missouri water patrol laws and regulations shall apply.

9.Permitted Fishing Locations:  Anywhere on the tournament lake, except within fifty (50) yards of another contestant’s anchored boat or within 100 yards from take-off point.

10.Boat ID:  Contestants check in and pickup their assigned number at Rock Harbor Resort prior to take-off.  A contestant’s assigned number must be visible at all times during the tournament.

11.Scoring:  Largemouth bass, Kentucky bass, and Smallmouth bass will be counted.  Total stringers weight per team will determine place.  Any Largemouth or Smallmouth under (15) inches or Kentucky bass under (12) inches presented for weigh-in will cause two (2) pounds to be subtracted from stringer weight, plus the bass or the short fish.  Six (6) fish per boat may be weighed-in.  Any frozen, iced, or mangled fish presented for weight-in will result in immediate disqualification.  All dead fish weighted in will have a one (1) pound deduction.  Contestants must be in sight of their partners during the tournament hours and until they have weigh-in. The tournament committee will determine the official measuring device (golden rule).

12.Protest:  Protest must be filed in writing with the tournament committee within thirty (30) minutes of the conclusion of the weigh-in.

13.Sportsmanship:  Any un-sportsman-like conduct, becoming a nuisance, or abusive language could result in suspension from future tournaments.

14.Ties:  Ties will be broken by earliest boat numbers.

15.Weight-in Late Penalty:  One (1) pound per minute up to ten (10) minutes, then disqualification - No exceptions.  Scales will close 30 minutes after last flight is due in. 

16.Payback: To be announced at the day of tournament.