IBEW Founders' Scholarship

Brothers and Sisters,

     Members seeking to further their education are encouraged to apply for the IBEW Founders' Scholarship detailed below by International President Stephenson. Please see the CAREERS AND EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES heading under  the Resources tab on IBEW Local 1's website for more detailed information regarding scholarship opportunites. 

In Unity,

Frank D. Jacobs
Business Manager


Dear Sisters and Brothers:

     The IBEW Founders’ Scholarship honors the dedicated wiremen and linemen who
founded the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Each year the
officers of the IBEW are pleased to offer its working members scholarships
on a competitive basis. It is hoped that the awards will not only
contribute to the personal development of our members but also steward the
electrical industry that our founders envisioned. An application for the
IBEW Founders’ Scholarship (Form 172) is enclosed. This is also available
on the IBEW website at www.ibew.org/FoundersScholarship.

All IBEW members who have been in continuous good standing for four years
preceding May 1 of the scholarship year in which they plan to apply, are
eligible for the IBEW Founders’ Scholarship. Please note, if a member has
been on honorary withdrawal at any time during the aforementioned period,
he or she will not be eligible to participate.

Spouses or children of IBEW members are not eligible for the IBEW Founders’
Scholarship. Union Plus has a scholarship that is available for IBEW
members, as well as their spouses and dependent children. Please visit the
Union Plus website at www.unionplus.org for more information about other
scholarship opportunities.

I encourage all interested eligible members to participate in the IBEW
Founders’ Scholarship Program. Please make the Founders’ Scholarship
opportunity known to your members and urge them to apply.

With best wishes, I am

Fraternally yours,

Lonnie R. Stephenson
International President