Vote for Lou!

Support Lou Cunningham!

Brothers and Sisters, 

The following message comes from Brother Lou Cunningham, incumbent for Spanish Lake Fire Protection District .

Thank you in advance for helping Lou!
Frank Jacobs
Business Manager

I'm campaigning to be re-elected to the Board of Directors of the Spanish Lake Fire District. Since becoming a Director in 2009 I've made certain to eliminate deficit spending due to the loss ofLou Cunningham businesses and declining home values. I was instrumental in making executive decisions which ultimately guided our fire district to a balanced budget with a reserve. I ensured that our newly hired firefighters included qualified Minorities. The renovations to the firehouse on Bellefontaine Road were done with no less than 20% minority participation and this was a 100% union project.

Rest assuredly, If re-elected I will continue to diligently work hard at evolving our fire district to provide the best Fire protection service that we deserve.

Experience matters. Your vote counts. Vote for honesty, equality, and integrity. Vote for Lou Cunningham

We're having a Lit-Drop on March 11th & 25th from 9am - noon . We'll meet at Rookies at 367 & Parker Road and return there for refreshments and food. I can't do this without the help of friends and family, so please come out and support. No donations needed, just your help with the lit-drop. Leave a comment below and let me know when you can participate.

Thanks in advance!!