Why you should VOTE NO on Prop A!

Why you should VOTE NO ON PROP A!


Right to Work Analogies

Workers have a choice in selecting a job - just like people have a choice when choosing other options in life. You make the choice to pay dues/fees and enjoy privileges and benefits by seeking employment with a union employer or you choose to not pay dues/fees and sacrifice those privileges and benefits by working for an open-shop contractor. You already have a choice - No one should be able to get the benefits or privileges others pay for just because the individual chooses to freeload.

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  • Workers have the right to make their own choices about their employment just as they have the right to choose where they shop, live, or enjoy recreation.
  • Benefits and privileges come with a cost. If you choose not to pay those costs, you sacrifice the benefits.
  • No one likes a freeloader! Why should there be a law that forces any organization, association, or club to give someone all the benefits and privileges of membership and then make it illegal for them to charge for those benefits?
  • If a contractor voluntarily chooses a 100% union workforce, why should it be against the law? We oppose government interferrence in business!
  • If a majority of the employees vote for union representation, why should one employee be allowed to overrule the majority and still receive the same representation and benefits? We live in a democracy, if your candidate doesn’t win, you don’t have the option of not paying local, state, or federal taxes. 
  • Unions are democratic organizations - if you disagree with the direction of your union then run for office and take the wheel!                                               


August 7th