The St Louis Electrical Industry Training Center

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The St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center is the nation's best high-tech learning facility for apprentice and journeyman electricians and communication technicians. This is where IBEW Local #1 electricians and contractors obtain training in all established and emerging technologies, participate in continuing education and training to ensure responsiveness to owners' present and future needs, apply technological innovations to reduce costs, improve quality, and expedite production and service, and take advantage of technology and other tools to customize training to meet the specific needs of facility owners and buyers of construction.

Our training center is managed by the St. Louis Area Electricians Joint Apprenticeship & Training Committee. This committee includes members from IBEW Local #1 and electrical contractors signatory to the IBEW agreement, including members of the St. Louis Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

Apprentice and journeyman training is our most important priority. The funding commitment by IBEW and NECA exceeds $2 million per year. Program rigor far exceeds any non-IBEW training program. The results: a knowledgeable and reliable work force whose members keep pace with rapid changes in technology.

The St. Louis Council of Construction Consumers, the local arm of the Business Roundtable, has repeatedly recognized the excellence of the St. Louis Electrical Construction Industry's outstanding training programs with its Construction Industry Cost Effectiveness Award.

Please contact us directly to:
1) Learn more about careers in the electrical and communication construction industry;
2) Join a tour at the St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center;
3) Engage a speaker for our classroom; or
4) If qualified, sign up for our night school programs.

St. Louis Electrical Industry Training Center
2300 Hampton
St. Louis, Missouri 63139
(314) 644-3587
(314) 644-3589 (fax)
Dennis Gralike, Director
Tim Kelley, Superintendent of Related Instruction

Frank D. Jacobs

NEWS RELEASE March 10, 2015

For more information, contact Steve Houston at 314-303-0951.

IBEW Local One Business Manager Frank D. Jacobs

Named to Saint Louis Science Center Board of Trustees

IBEW/NECA Service Center

The IBEW/NECA Service Center serves IBEW Local 1, 34, 197, 257, 309, 350, 649, & 702
and also houses the offices of the Electrical Connection Labor Management Cooperation Committee


The IBEW-NECA Service Center was established in 1961 as a Missouri not-for-profit to administer benefit funds professionally for the benefit of IBEW members. It functions through the continuing cooperative efforts of the sponsoring organizations, the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local #1 and the St. Louis Chapter, National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA).

The Center provides administrative services for 18 employee benefit funds affiliated with eight IBEW Local Unions and three NECA Chapter Offices. The funds benefit more than 10,000 participants.

The center and its 18-member professional staff are recognized nationally as a model for professional IBEW funds management. The center evolves constantly to adopt new "best practices" and apply effective technology to managing funds and data. Staff members include an overall administrator, an assistant administrator, a nurse, an auditor, six claims processors, five bookkeepers and three administrative staff. The center's move to new facilities at 5735 Elizabeth on March 1, 2004 further advance the ability of the Service Center to meet the future needs of IBEW members.

IBEW-NECA Service Center
5735 Elizabeth
St. Louis MO 63110
(314) 752-2330

We Light This City

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