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Our History

Renaissance Voice Communications beginning dates to 2009 when visionary, Vernon "Vito" Bracy, believed in the need for converged communication. The development of a technology firm followed, even after the skeptics denied the need for another telecom and data group existing. The use of single source technology contributed to opening of the enterprise business channel market division and significant success in the field of educational contracting for voice and data systems. This embedded expertise allowed Renaissance Voice Communications to become a emerging force in the “interconnect” business as a single source unified communications provider of voice, data, IT, surveillance and low-voltage cabling. RVC has recognized a glaring deficiency in the market place by providing top quality – top notch solutions services. Owners, executive management, and staff are dedicated to addressing this issue.

Since its inception, having completed several major projects (Ballpark Village, McDonalds, Fifth 3rd Bank and Better Family Life, Cultural Arts Facility) RVC has built a staff of professionals who support our customer base, which presently serves the entire United States of America. Our customer support team consists of dedicated specialists in the fields of sales and marketing, customer service, field engineers and electrical engineers. We maintain a stocked inventory and a technical force, which project management receives rigorous factory training from our select manufacturers.

At Renaissance Voice Communications, we are serious about our responsibility as your technology partner and understand that we play a major role in your successful communications with your customers.

We look forward to serving your business.


Vernon “Vito” Bracy is managing partner of RVC Group, LLC, has been involved in senior management for more than 25 years in corporate America. He successfully managed a Fortune 500 Financial Firm and Sr. Vice President of a medical technology firm and consulted for a mid-major technology corporation. Vito’s passion for sales and coaching sales teams has made him a true Renaissance man in developing business and allowing him the highest Honors and achievement for “Best sales Globally". In 2009, after a very successful corporate career Vito decided to transfer his vast wealth of sales, management and strategic planning in to developing his dream of being his own boss and owning his own business. Currently as managing partner Vito serves as RVC’s CEO and visionary. He is responsible for the day to day sales strategy and business development of RVC along with continuing to build relationships with other CEO’S and high level officers.

Carlos Mayfield is managing partner of RVC Group, LLC, has been involved in technology for over 7years. His early training began in sales and marketing for one of the largest NEC distributors in the nation. Therefore, Carlos was exposed to all facets of enterprise applications along with product Development and project management and design. As his career developed Carlos began to explore Data /IT and later became familiar with cabling and structured cabling and low voltage communication installation. He has also, enriched is understanding in VOIP technology, managed services and CCTV. Carlos is responsible for project management and serves as lead estimator.

Technical Excellence
RVC is a corporation maintaining headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri. Our customer support team consists of highly trained and dedicated specialists in the fields of sales and marketing, customer service, field engineering and electrical cabling engineering. Our technical force receives rigorous training from our select manufacturers. We have a unique and complete knowledge of the communication industry with dedicated sales and technology staff, with a firsthand understanding of every element of low-voltage and unified technology, engineering operations and management which results in enhanced proficiency and service levels inside the organization.

Our Promise
RVC is in business to provide value and unparalleled results for our customers by providing technology services and products which fulfill individual customer expectations. We deliver technically superior, caring, timely and committed service superior to our competition, with respected and empowered employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. We operate with uncompromising values, honor and integrity.

Our Mission
RVC is serious about our responsibility as your communication partner and understand that we play a major role in your successful communications with your customers. We are recognized as the undisputed leader in the providing of high quality technology services and products in the markets in which the company operates nationally.

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